ONLY $6 per jar when you buy in bulk!  Need a unique giveaway for business associates this holiday season?  Have a ton of nieces and nephews who notoriously under season the casserole?  


Bulk Pro Seasoning purchases come with 24 jars, that's 4 cases of Pro Seasoning for only $6 per jar, normally $12 per jar!!  That's $6 off the retail price per jar!!!





Pro Seasoning is a perfectly balanced blend of Himalayan pink salt and black pepper among other spices.  I have used this blend in my career to save time and honestly can't function without it!  It is the best on-hand spice blend to use for all purposes and should be kept right next to your stove.  

Enjoy on meat, chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables, and breads before and after cooking. Use in place of salt and pepper while at the table.  Pro Seasoning helps you cook like a Pro!



4.1 oz Glass Jar

Bulk Pro Seasoning