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Crispy Air Fried French Fries

Updated: 4 days ago


Russet potatoes, washed and unpeeled


grapeseed oil

3 Tablespoons

Pro Seasoning Bourbon Black Pepper

1 teaspoon

Pro Seasoning All Purpose

1 teaspoon

Method of prep:

Place potatoes in a medium sized saucepan or pot and cover the potatoes with room temperature water. Bring the water to a boil. Reduce to simmer once the water is boiling. Par boil the potatoes for about 7-10 minutes. Remove from water, hold the potato with a paper towel or kitchen towel and peel. Cut into batonnet ¼” x ¼” x 2”, this is the classic French Fry cut shape. You can just cut them into the desired thickness as well. In a large bowl, toss the French Fries in grapeseed oil and sprinkle with all the seasonings, coating evenly. Place in air fryer and cook at 400 degrees for 14 minutes making sure to flip them over to brown on all sides.

Pro tip: when boiling or par boiling potatoes, always start with room temperature water. That way, the starches cook evenly instead of the outside of the potato over cooking, while the inside of the potato is undercooked.

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