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Gluten Free/Dairy Free Lemon Caper Chicken with Brown Rice and Balsamic Roasted Green Beans

Gluten Free/Dairy Free Lemon Caper Chicken

With Brown Rice and Balsamic Roasted Green Beans

Serves 4

Chicken Cutlets 4

Cornstarch 2 tablespoons plus 1 cup

Chicken Stock 2 tablespoons plus 3 cups

Lemon, sliced 1 each

Onion, sliced 1 small

Garlic cloves, crushed 2 each

Salt To Taste

Pepper To Taste

Canola or vegetable oil 3 tablespoons

Capers 2 tablespoons

Method of prep:

Season chicken cutlets with salt and pepper. Dredge cutlets in 1 cup of corn starch, adding more cornstarch if needed. Heat oil in a braising pan or large skillet over high heat. When the oil begins to slightly smoke, add cutlets and brown on each side. It is not necessary to cook the chicken all the way through. Remove the chicken and set aside. Add onions to the pan and sauté until the onions have a light brown color. Add the garlic and sweat until fragrant. Add 3 cups of chicken stock and bring to a boil. Make a slurry by mixing together 2 tablespoons of corn starch with 2 tablespoons cold chicken stock. Add the slurry to the boiling stock and whisk to incorporate evenly. Add capers and lemon slices and then submerge the chicken into the sauce. Cover with a lid and simmer for 10-15 minutes or until the internal temperature of the thickest piece of chicken reaches 165 degrees. Add chopped parsley for color and taste sauce for salt and pepper. Serve with brown rice and roasted green beans.

Brown Rice

Brown Rice 2 cups

Water 3 cups

Carrots, shredded 1 cup

Olive oil 2 tablespoons

Salt 2 teaspoons

Pepper 1 teaspoon

Method of prep:

If you have a rice cooker, just dump all of the ingredients into the cooker and turn it on. If not, this is your method of prep (but really get a rice cooker, they are so cheap and convenient!):

In a medium saucepan, bring water to a boil with all ingredients but the rice. Add the rice once the water boils. Cover and simmer for about 30-45 minutes until the rice is tender. Serve.

Balsamic Roasted Green Beans

Green Beans 4 cups

Balsamic Vinegar 1 tablespoon

Olive oil 1 tablespoon

Salt 2 teaspoon

Pepper 1 teaspoon

Paprika 1 teaspoon

Granulated garlic 1 teaspoon

Method of prep:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Toss all ingredients together on a sheet tray and roast in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Serve

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